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Waiting for Santa (also known as Barney's Happy Christmas for Australian releases) is a direct-to-video released on April 30, 1990.[1] It was the fourth video in the Barney & The Backyard Gang series. It marked being the only Christmas special in the Barney & The Backyard Gang series and the first Christmas special in the Barney franchise. Waiting for Santa was also the most re-released video in the entire Backyard Gang series being reprinted until 1998.


When all is quiet on Christmas Eve, Michael and Amy sneak downstairs to see if Santa Claus has arrived at their house yet. Michael suggests they both get back to bed given that he hasn't come, but Amy wants to wait on the steps, in which Michael reluctantly agrees to. They eventually fall asleep on the steps, but are soon woken up to the sound of Barney being stuck in their chimney, trying to get out. The two eventually pull him out, excited to see their friend. Calling the rest of the Backyard Gang, Barney explains that Santa needs their help with a special job. Barney explains that a boy in the neighborhood, by the name of Derek, is worried that Santa doesn't know his new address given that he just moved into the neighborhood and won't be able to come and see him.

With a little "Shimbaree, Shimbarah", Barney and his friends transport into Derek's room as he wishes to make new friends. He tells his everyone about his dilemma, in which Barney tells him that Santa wants them all to visit his workshop so Mrs. Claus can show Derek that everything is okay. Barney does his magic, the Barney Shake to offer the children winter clothes (initially summer clothes) and his magic sleigh (which was on top of Derek's house waiting for them) to the North Pole. Barney and his friends enjoy the experience all the way to the North Pole. Landing there, they dance with a snowman and pretend to ice skate. Afterwards, they make their way to Santa's workshop.

Expecting The Backyard Gang, Mrs. Claus welcomes everyone inside. Barney introduces his friends to her. Barney explains Derek's issue, and Mrs. Claus reassures Derek that Santa Claus would never forget him. Mrs. Claus shows him that Santa has his new address. Eventually, the gang pretends to be Santa's elves. Mrs. Claus notices that Tina's doll has a broken arm. She suggests that since the kids are pretending to be elves (and since Santa's elves are gone) that they could try to fix Tina's doll. When the doll is fixed, Mrs. Claus explains that doing things for others is what Christmas is all about, further explaining that making others happy is what Santa Claus does best. Adam begins to wonder as to where Santa is at the moment. Mrs. Claus shows them that Santa is on his way to Adam's house. The kids tell Barney that they have to get back home so they don't miss Santa's arrival. They take off their elf outfits and put back on their coats and wave goodbye to Mrs. Claus. So they don't have to walk back to the sleigh, Barney whistles for the sleigh to come to them, in which they hop aboard and head back home. Barney sends his friends back home.

Barney arrives with Amy and Michael at their house. Amy wants to stay up to meet Santa, but Barney suggests that he read them the story of The Night Before Christmas. While they read the dinosaur sized book in front of their faces, Santa arrives unbeknownst to them, filling their stockings and delivering presents. The trio eventually falls asleep and Santa says to the end of the story and turns out the light.

Story: The Night Before Christmas



  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "When Santa Comes to our House"
  3. "Waiting for Santa" *
  4. "I Love You"
  5. "S-A-N-T-A"
  6. "Star Light, Star Bright"
  7. "Up on the Housetop"
  8. "Jingle Bells"
  9. "Winter's Wonderful"
  10. "Skating, Skating"
  11. "The Elves' Rap"
  12. "Let's All Do A Little Tapping"
  13. "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"
  14. "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"
  15. "Deck the Halls"


  • This video marks:
    • The first video for Barney to have a more magenta skin-tone. In the previous videos, Barney was more of a darker bluish-purple color.
    • The first video to mention by Michael, The Backyard Gang.
    • The first appearance of the 1990 Barney costume.
    • The Barney Costume used in this trilogy was made of exposed foam, the same material used to make the 1988-1989 Costume.
    • The first time where Barney does the Barney Shake.
    • The first appearance of Derek, and the only appearance of his bedroom.
    • The only appearances of Buster and The Snowman.
    • The first time Barney is not seen coming to life. Instead, he slides down the chimney like Santa Claus getting stuck inside.
    • The first time Barney does not turn into a doll at the end. Instead, he reads "The Night Before Christmas" to Michael and Amy before he falls asleep.
    • The first video to use the current version of the Backyard Gang theme song as it would continue to be used until Rock with Barney, the final installment of the series before Barney & Friends began production in late 1991.
    • The only video released during the Backyard Gang era to be dubbed in German.
    • The final time Barney is owned by Michael and Amy.




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