Subway To The Library is the 6th episode from Season 4 of Barney & Friends.


Booker t. bookworm. We took the subway to the library.12 stories about When Stella comes to visit Stella is Going to Japan. The story it's called  Hansel and Gretel, Peter Rabbit, Little Red Riding Hood, Tom Thumb, Peter And The Wolf, The Girl and Boy Who Cry Wolf, Stone Soup, The Three little Pigs, The Lion and The Mouse, The Ugly Duckling, Rumpelstiltskin and and The Little Red Hen.



  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. I've Been Working On The Subway
  3. Why?
  4. The Library
  5. Once Upon a Time
  6. Snacking On Healthy Food
  7. The Videotape Song
  8. Hippity Hop To The Grandma's House
  9. Growing
  10. The Song of the Watching a Movie
  11. She Had A Little Rooster
  12. The Michigan Rag
  13. Make the Bread
  14. My Family's Just Right For Me
  15. I Love You



  • Playground
  • Library
  • Treehouse
  • School Classroom
  • Playground

Barney & Friends Episode
Subway To The Library
Season 4, Episode 6
School library
Air date Octoberr 14, 1997
Written by Perri Verdino-Gates
Directed by Fred Holmes

Pennies, Nickles, Dimes


We've Got Rhythm

Book of fairy tales