Stephen was a character that appeared from Season 4-6 with some cameos in Season 3. He was portrayed by Chase Gallatin. In the episode Are We There Yet? it is revealed that he has a Mom but in the episode Aunt Rachael is here he reveals that he has a dad, a stepmom, and a stepbrother and his grandmother.




  1. Makes The Team! (first appearance)
  2. Making A Move! (1993 Version)
  3. On the Move (cameo)
  4. Treasure Hunt (cameo)
  5. Classical Cleanup (cameo)
  6. Are We There Yet? (cameo)
  7. Barney's Summer School
  8. Barney's Talent Show (first time as a main character)
  9. Listen to Sounds with Barney
  10. Camp WannaRunnaRound
  11. Good Day, Good Night
  12. First Day of School
  13. Telling The Truth
  14. A Scavenger Hunt
  15. Pennies, Nickels, Dimes
  16. Subway To The Library
  17. Roller Skating
  18. Tick Tock Clocks
  19. The Boy Who Drew Cats
  20. Let's Build Together
  21. The Comic Book: Attack Of The Eraser
  22. Becky's Choclate Treats
  23. Looking For Rabbits
  24. I Would Like To Be A Police Officer
  25. A Picture of Health
  26. The Foolish Wishes
  27. Playing Harp
  28. Sailing Around The Island
  29. Going on a Bear Hunt
  30. I Can Be A Office Worker
  31. I Like To Be A Hero
  32. Tree-Mendous Trees
  33. Sharing Together With Friends
  34. Colors Fish Has Red, Yellow, Black, White & Blue
  35. 123 Learn
  36. All Mixed Up
  37. Sing Yourself Sillier At The Movies
  38. The Big Chase
  39. Making New Friends
  40. E-I-E-I-O
  41. Barney's Halloween Party (first time with haircut)
  42. That Sounds Like An Opposite To Me!
  43. Trading Places
  44. The Lonely Little Number
  45. Circle of Friends
  46. The Lion and The Mouse
  47. Sharing, Caring, Take Turns and Toys
  48. Try It, You'll Like It!
  49. A Veternarian: A Doctor For Animals
  50. I Like To Be An Artist
  51. Hidden Treasures
  52. We're Going on a Train Station.
  53. Sweet as Honey
  54. Fun With Feet
  55. I Would Like To Be A Baker
  56. Aunt Rachel Is Here!
  57. Stephen Gets Lots
  58. What's in a Name?
  59. A Different Kinds of Homes In The World
  60. A Package of Friendship
  61. Sing and Dance with Barney
  62. Walk Around the Block with Barney
  63. Barney's Night Before Christmas
  64. Stick with Imagination!
  65. There Twins Ashley has a Twin!
  66. July is Camp Northland
  67. Grandparents Are Grand
  68. A Hunting We Will Go (episode)
  69. BJ's Hats
  70. Going for a Car Ride
  71. Five Kinds of Fun!
  72. Consequence
  73. Count Me In!
  74. Birthday Olé
  75. Tom Thumb
  76. Excellent Exercise! (First time wearing glasses)
  77. We're All Friends
  78. It's Home to Me
  79. Nick is Little
  80. How Does Your Garden Grow?
  81. You Can Do It!
  82. Alice in Wonderland
  83. Barney's Super Singing Circus
  84. Be My Valentine, Love Barney
  85. You Can Be Anything (Last Appearance)