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Stella leave in Taxas

Stella leave in Taxas Transcript[]

  • (Clip and audio from Any Way You Slice It)
  • Stella the Storyteller: Well I lot of work to do! I better go! more starring too! at see you again! soon! (Audio from Once Upon a Time (home video)) Hallo Ha!
  • Barney & Kids: Hallo Ha! Stella!
  • Barney: Bye! Bye! (Audio from Barney's Beach Party)
  • Kim: Oh and Hollo Ha (Audio from It's Home To Me!)
  • Stella the Storyteller: Toddles!
  • Barney & Kids: Bye! Bye! Stella See You Later!
  • (Stella close the door leaving and spin round sparcklyy disspeer)