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Stella is leaving from Baseball Game

Stella is leaving from Baseball Game Transcript[]

  • (Clip and audio from It's Time for Counting)
  • Stella: Thanks for taking the picture Barney, I'll send you a picture as soon as they're developed! Well, I gotta go, the game is going to start any minute (Audio from At Home in the Park)
  • Sarah: Bye Barney! (Audio from You Are Special)
  • Hannah: I'll see you tomorrow! (Audio from Shopping For A Surprise!)
  • Stella the Storyteller: I Real!
  • Barney: (laughs)
  • Barney, Baby Bop & Kids: Bye Stella!
  • Barney: Oh, Bye! Bye! So Long! Bye! Bye! Stella! (laughs) Bye! Bye! (laughs)
  • Stella: Toddles!
  • Barney: Bye! Bye!
  • (Stella leaving to close the door and spin to round magic hes sparkllying dissepeer it)