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Shawn in...

Shawn Jackson is a character who appeared in the first three seasons of Barney and Friends. He was portrayed by John David Bennett II.


  1. The Queen of Make-Believe (first appearance)
  2. I Like To Eat Some Cookies
  3. It's Easy When We Do Our Work?
  4. We Love Riding On The Bike
  5. We Fly A Kite!
  6. Eat, Drink and Be Healthy!
  7. Four Seasons Day
  8. I Like To Be A Baseball Player
  9. Caring Means Sharing
  10. Down On Barney's Farm
  11. What's That Shadow?
  12. Telling Time!
  13. Happy, Birthday Barney!
  14. It's A New Computer Center!
  15. I Can Be A Homebuilder
  16. Let's Help Mother Goose!
  17. Clean Up, Clean Up!
  18. When I Grow Up...
  19. Happy Valentine's Day!
  20. Hi, Neighbor!
  21. I Would Like To Be A Bus Driver
  22. We Love To Fly Kites!
  23. Puttin' On A Show
  24. Carnival Of Numbers
  25. A World Of Music
  26. Seven Days
  27. Oh, What A Day!
  28. Read with Me/Dance with Me
  29. Hola, Mexico!
  30. The Frog On The Log
  31. Everyone Is Special
  32. Falling For Autumn!
  33. The Golden Hammer
  34. Having Fun With Arts & Crafts
  35. May I Help You?
  36. Honk! Honk! A Goose On The Loose!
  37. Let's Go On Vacation
  38. I Can Do That!
  39. Brave New Rescues
  40. Grown-Ups For A Day!
  41. Picture This! (first time with glasses)
  42. Lend A Helping Hand
  43. My Favorite Things!
  44. The Dentist Makes Me Smile
  45. The City Mouse And The Country Mouse
  46. An Adventure in Make-Believe
  47. The Alphabet Zoo
  48. Making A Move! (1993 Version)
  49. That's a Home to Me (episode)
  50. A Very Special Delivery!
  51. Barney Live in New York City
  52. Imagination Island
  53. Shawn and the Beanstalk
  54. The Sword Who Lived In The Kingdom
  55. We Use Our Eyes
  56. Room For Everyone
  57. Famous Friends (cameo)
  58. Shopping For A Surprise!
  59. The Great Robot Race
  60. Twice Is Nice!
  61. The Good Sports
  62. Great Summer
  63. A Welcome Home
  64. Classical Cleanup
  65. Goes To Hollywood
  66. At Home With Animals
  67. My Friend The Post Man
  68. Camera Safari
  69. The Splash Party Please (Season 3 Episode)
  70. Barney Safety
  71. Mystery and The Balls
  72. My Family Just Right For Me
  73. Four Seasons Day (1995 Episode)
  74. Writes A Story
  75. Are We There Yet?
  76. A Teddy Bear Picnic
  77. Safety Rules (Episode)
  78. Hats Off To BJ!
  79. Goes To The Doctor
  80. Up We Go!
  81. Barney's Summer School
  82. A Day in the Park with Barney (battybarney2014's version)
  83. Mr Tenagain's Let's go to K.B. Toys
  84. Barney's Talent Show
  85. Let's Show Respect
  86. Barney's 1-2-3-4 Seasons
  87. Once Upon a Time
  88. Barney's Run, Jump, Skip and Sing
  89. Barney Visits Noddy's House (cameo/final appearance)