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The complate Season 6


  1. Stick with Imagination!/home video
  2. There Twins Ashley has a Twin!
  3. Itty Bitty Bugs/home video
  4. July is Camp Northland
  5. Grandparents are Grand! (1999)/home video
  6. A Hunting We Will Go (episode)
  7. Snack Time!
  8. BJ's Hats
  9. David and Goliath
  10. A Sunny, Snowy Day!
  11. Going for a Car Ride
  12. You've Got To Have Art!
  13. I Love To Fly My Kite
  14. Five Kinds of Fun!
  15. Let's Be Friends
  16. The Ugly Duckling
  17. Who Took the Cookies
  18. I Have My Family (episode)
  19. It's Movie Time with Barney (1999 episode)
  20. Count Me In!/home video
  21. The Yankee Doodle of America
  22. Let's Play a Game!
  23. Consequence
  24. Who's Who At The Zoo?
  25. Wee Singdom: The Land of Music and Fun!
  26. Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
  27. Cousins
  28. Bats What I Like About the South
  29. A Very Special Wedding Day Party
  30. Birthday Ole
  31. Tom Thumb
  32. The Three Little Pigs
  33. The Big Barnyard Show
  34. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  35. Excellent Exercise!
  36. Rack, Shack and Benny
  37. A Trip Around The World
  38. Sharing in the Fun
  39. Brushing Up on Teeth
  40. Steve Gets the Sniffles
  41. What Does Blue Want to Build?
  42. Magenta Gets Glasses
  43. Cinderella
  44. Playing Music Video with Friends
  45. A 'Little Mother Goose/home video aka rhyme time rhythm/mother goose stories dvd hit entertaments
  46. We're All Friends
  47. Good Job!/home video
  48. Hansel and Gretel
  49. Nick is Little
  50. It's Home to Me!
  51. What Is Blue Trying to Do?
  52. How Does Your Garden Grow?
  53. It's Time for Heading Off
  54. You Can Do It!
  55. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  56. Here Comes the Firetruck
  57. Rumpunzel
  58. Ready, Set, Go!/home video
  59. Alice in Wonderland
  60. You Are Special

Cast & Crew[]


Home Videos[]

Barney & Friends Episode Videos from Season 6[]

  1. Stick with Imagination! (2001, VHS)
  2. Itty Bitty Bugs (2002, VHS)
  3. Grandparents Are Grand! (1999) (2000, VHS)
  4. Snack Time! (2002, VHS)
  5. A Sunny, Snowy Day! (2000, VHS)
  6. You've Got To Have Art! (2001, VHS)
  7. Five Kinds of Fun! (2002, VHS)
  8. Count Me In! (2002, VHS)
  9. Who's Who At The Zoo? (2002, VHS)
  10. Birthday Ole (2000, VHS)
  11. Excellent Exercise! (2002, VHS)
  12. Brushing Up on Teeth (2002, VHS)
  13. A Little' Mother Goose (2004, VHS)
  14. Good Job! (2002, VHS)
  15. It's Home to Me! (2002, VHS)
  16. How Does Your Garden Grow? (2002, VHS)
  17. You Can Do It! (2002, VHS)
  18. Here Comes the Firetruck (2002, VHS)
  19. Ready, Set, Go! (2001, VHS)
  20. You Are Special (2002, VHS)

Barney Doll Closing Shots[]


  • Some season episode to feature of the Barney doll from the end episode of the A Very Special Mouse.
  • Stephen starts wearing glasses this season.
  • Hannah's ears were pierced this season.
  • The names on the cubbies in the classroom from left to right are: Chris, Zach, Amy, Jeff, Robert, Keesha, Stephen, Hannah, Dennis, Jill/Linda, Emily, and Lauren. Jill and Linda share the same cubby.
  • Unlike in the previous two seasons, Scooter McNutty and Miss Etta appear less often.
  • Starting in this season, Mera Baker (Keesha) does the fundings for the show. Reruns of Seasons 4 and 5 would use her recording.
  • This was also the first season to use the new 1999 PBS Kids logo. Some have the Dash logo, and some have the Dot logo