The Complate Season 2


  1. Falling For Autumn!pbs
  2. The Golden Hammerpbs
  3. Grandparents Are Grand! (1993)pbs
  4. Having Fun With Arts & Craftspbs
  5. May I Help You?pbs
  6. The Cooking Bookpbs
  7. Red, Blue and Circles Too!pbs
  8. Day of the Dieselspbs
  9. Honk! Honk! A Goose On The Loose!pbs
  10. Let's Go On Vacationpbs
  11. Hoo's In The Forest?pbs
  12. Makes The Team!pbs
  13. I Can Do That!pbs
  14. Peter Rabbitpbs
  15. Brave New Rescuespbs
  16. Grown-Ups For A Day!pbs
  17. Help Protect the Earth (episode)pbs
  18. Picture This!pbs
  19. Looking Around My Neighborhood!pbs
  20. Look at Me, I'm Three!pbs
  21. Lend A Helping Handpbs
  22. The Exercise Circus!pbs
  23. Tales of Adventurespbs
  24. My Favorite Things!pbs
  25. Josh And the Big Wallpbs
  26. The Rolling Rice Cakespbs
  27. The Dentist Makes Me Smilepbs
  28. Animal Anticspbs
  29. Stop, Look & Be Safe!pbs
  30. The City Mouse And The Country Mousepbs
  31. An Adventure In Make-Believepbs
  32. Spring Shene-A-Aniganspbs
  33. The Alphabet Zoopbs
  34. Making A Move!pbs
  35. Having Tens of Fun!pbs
  36. Once Upon a Dino Talepbs
  37. That's a Home to Me (episode)pbs
  38. A Very Special Delivery! (last/finale)pbs


  • This season marked:
    • The final season in which Kathy Parker serves as an executive producer.
    • The final season in which Philip Parker serves as a song writer.
    • The first season since A Day at the Beach to have the yellow toes on the Barney doll. The Barney doll from this season also appeared in Season 3, except that in that season, it was a lighter color.
    • The first season in which Barney's voice is at a higher-pitch.
    • The first appearances of Julie, BJ, Jason, Ashley, Alissa, Curtis, Danny, Stephen, Jeff, Kim, Kristen, Keesha, Kelly, Matt, Juan & Kenneth.
    • The only appearance of David played by Kenny Cooper.
    • The final appearance of Luci.
    • The final regular appearances of Tina, Derek and Michael.
    • The only season to be closed-captioned by the National Captioning Institute. The episodes released on Home Video, as well as a few episodes aired on television, were closed-captioned by the Caption Center WGBH Educational Foundation, except for Barney's Families are Special.
    • The first season of three seasons to have two renditions of "I Love You".
    • The first season to have the 1993 PBS Kids logo with the P-Pals. An e/i balloon was added later in 1996.
    • The first season that Kimberly-Clark, and its Huggies family of baby products signed on as a sponsor.
  • Set Renovations:
    • Playground: The swings and slide were replaced by a playground platform. The tire swing was removed.
    • Classroom: Wallpaper changed. Tile floor replaced by carpet. Classroom door leading to the hallway replaced by a dutch door.
  • New Barney and Baby Bop costumes are utilized, with a drastic shortening of the Baby Bop costume.
  • Min starts to wear her stockings regularly, whenever she wears a dress.
  • The Barney Bag is redesigned with one that will be used up through Season 6.
  • David never appeared in any episodes with Julie, Jason, or any of the kids from The Backyard Gang.
  • Like subsequent seasons afterward, with the exception of Season 8, the "Barney Theme Song" is re-shot and re-edited.
  • The walking animation in the intro is the same as in the previous season but the slide is fast.
  • This was the last season to be filmed at the ColorDynamics Studio in Allen. Production would move to the Studios at Las Colinas the following season.
  • The production for this season begin in March 1993 and ended in August 1993.

Barney Doll Closing shot's

Barney & Friends Episodes Videos from Season 2

  1. Red, Blue and Circles Too!
  2. The Exercise Circus!
  3. An Adventure In Make-Believe
  4. The Alphabet Zoo
  5. Having Tens of Fun!
  6. A Very Special Delivery!

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