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Rectangle Gate (Season 1) it was the first appearence of It's Easy When We Do Our Work?

  1. It's Easy When We Do Our Work (Micheal) (first appearance)
  2. We Love Riding On A Bike (Shawn)
  3. I Like To Be A Baseball Player (Luci)
  4. The Speak A Lanuage Called French (Luci)
  5. Telling Time (Micheal)
  6. We're Having Some Lunch (Luci)
  7. You've Got To Be You! (Luci)
  8. Clean Up, Clean Up! (Mr. Phill)
  9. Let's Play Outside (Micheal)
  10. Jungle Friends (Luci)
  11. I Would Like To Be A Bus Driver (Micheal)
  12. Carnival Of Numbers (Luci)
  13. Seven Days (Luci)
  14. Today, We Can Say! (Micheal)
  15. Home Sweet Homes (Micheal)
  16. Read with Me/Dance with Me (Luci)
  17. The Frog On A Log (Luci) (last appearance)