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It is used in the end of the 2003 Barney & Friends Season 8 episode. Running time in 1:01 seconds.


  • (spins to the sparkles than Children are playing the video arcade and here the sounds of a car)
  • Child Kid: Hey everybody, it's time for Barney Says!
  • (spins to the sparkles, and see the picture of The letters weirling to the circle to the Barney Says and jigging with Barney jump over and picture flew away)
  • Barney: Hello again to all my friends. I'm glad you came to play. Our fun and learning never end. Here's what we did today!
  • (starts the segment, and we see a picture of Mario is looking up at the chair)
  • Barney: Mario need a help writing a fairy tale.
  • (we see a picture of Three kids a Gianna is read a big book)
  • Barney: So. We share some of our favorite stories from long ago.
  • (we see a picture of Mario is a fisherman)
  • Barney: The fishman and his wife.
  • (we see a picture of a House in the garden and Barney is read a book and Mario is walking and Gianna is on the rocket chair)
  • Barney: The wifler. That you don't need a big house.
  • (we see a picture of a Barney, Mario and Gianna is happy)
  • Barney: To have a happy home.
  • (we see a picture of Kami and Mario is pare of shoes)
  • Barney: The elves and the shoemakers.
  • (we see a picture of a Gianna and Jackson got two shoes and Barney stands on top)
  • Barney: Told us that being helpful.
  • (we see a picture of a Kids is make a friend)
  • Barney: Could help you make a new friend.
  • (we see a picture of a Gianna is a shipper girl is a two hands)
  • Barney: The girl who dried wolf.
  • (we see a picture of a Gianna, is a shipper girl, Kami is a little girl and Mario is a farmer is in the bridge)
  • Barney: Discover why isn't portant.
  • (we see a picture of a Jackson is holds a three sheeps)
  • Barney: To always tell the truth.
  • (we see a picture of a Kids is read a book in the table)
  • Barney: And we all learn that fairy tales are more fun.
  • (we see the picture of Kids hug Barney)
  • Barney: When you share them. With the people you love. (Barney pops)
  • Barney: And remember I love you.

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