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Mr. Tenagain is Arrived at the tree

Mr. Tenagain is Arrived at the tree Transcript[]

  • (Clip and audio from Having Tens of Fun!)
  • Barney: Well, it wasn't me. But I heard something too. It sounded like someone saying...
  • Voice: Ready or not, here I come!
  • Michael: There it is again!
  • Barney: It came from back there.
  • (Barney and Michael walk to the tree)
  • Barney YIKES! (laughs) (Audio from Good Job!)
  • Officer Thompson: Hello there Everybody!
  • Kids: Hi Officer Thompson
  • Barney: Oh Hi Officer Thompson
  • Barney: I should've known it was you. It's good to see you again! (Audio from On the Move)
  • Tosha: It's see you having friends!
  • Michael: Hey, everybody, come on in! Look who's here! (girls run to Barney and Mr. Tenagain)
  • Barney: Hurry, everybody.
  • Mr. Tenagain: Oh my goodness.
  • Barney: I'd like all of you to meet my friend, Mr. Tenagain. Mr. Tenagain, meet Tosha, Min, Kathy, and Michael.