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Min and Shawn leaves

Min and Shawn leaves Transcript[]

  • (Clip and audio from Barney Safety)
  • (horn beeps)
  • Min: My mom is here to pick up Shawn!
  • Shawn: We Gotta Go! (Audio from Are We There Yet?)
  • Kathy: OK! See You Soon!
  • Barney: OK Bye! Bye!
  • (When the Min is hug Barney and Shawn is hug Barney)
  • Tosha: I'll Walk To The Corner! And You Help You Cross The Street Afetly! And When You Get In The Car. What's The First Thing You Do!
  • Shawn: Say Hi To Min's Mom! (Audio from It's Home to Me!)
  • Danny: I'll Walk Home With You!
  • Stephen: Great! Let's Go! (Audio from Good Job!)
  • Emily: (Barney: OK!) Bye Barney! (Audio from Barney's Magical Musical Adventure)
  • Barney: See You Soon! Bye! Bye!
  • King: They Will Friends! They Will!
  • (when the Min and Shawn is leaving and Tosha is a stop sign is leaving)