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Min in World

Min is a character that appeared in the first three seasons of Barney and Friends. She was portrayed by Pia Manalo


  1. The Queen of Make-Believe (first appearance)
  2. I Like To Eat Some Cookies
  3. Playing It Safe
  4. Hop To It!
  5. Ready Set Play!
  6. Four Seasons Day
  7. The Treasure of Rainbow Beard
  8. Taking Care of Pets
  9. I Like To Be A Baseball Player
  10. Going Places!
  11. We've Got Shoes
  12. Caring Means Sharing
  13. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  14. What's That Shadow?
  15. Happy, Birthday Barney!
  16. Alphabet Soup!
  17. It's A New Computer Center!
  18. I Can Be A Homebuilder
  19. Let's Help Mother Goose!
  20. You've Got To Be You!
  21. Be A Friend
  22. Clean Up, Clean Up!
  23. When I Grow Up...
  24. It's Nice Just To Be Me!
  25. Happy Valentine's Day!
  26. A Camping We Will Go!
  27. It's A Family Tradition
  28. A Splash, Party Please!
  29. Puttin' On A Show
  30. Try and Try Again
  31. A World Of Music
  32. Seven Days
  33. Today, We Can Say!
  34. Oh, What A Day!
  35. Read with Me/Dance with Me
  36. Hola, Mexico!
  37. Everyone Is Special
  38. Barney's Magical Musical Adventure
  39. Grandparents Are Grand! (1993)
  40. May I Help You?
  41. The Cooking Book
  42. Honk! Honk! A Goose On The Loose!
  43. I Can Do That!
  44. Grown-Ups For A Day!
  45. Help Protect The Earth
  46. The Exercise Circus!
  47. Tales of Adventures
  48. My Favorite Things!
  49. The Rolling Rice Cakes
  50. The City Mouse And The Country Mouse
  51. An Adventure in Make-Believe
  52. Having Tens of Fun!
  53. Once Upon a Dino Tale
  54. A Very Special Delivery!
  55. Barney Live in New York City
  56. Imagination Island
  57. Shawn and the Beanstalk
  58. The Sword Who Lived In The Kingdom
  59. If The Shoe Fits...
  60. We Use Our Eyes
  61. The Music Video
  62. Famous Friends
  63. I Can Be A Firefighter!
  64. Shopping For A Surprise!
    Barney Min & Shawn (Talent Show)

    Barney Min & Shawn (Talent Show)

  65. The Great Robot Race
  66. Any Way You Slice It
  67. The Good Sports
  68. Great Summer
  69. On The Move
  70. Treasure Hunt
    Barney Talent Show Min

    Barney Talent Show Min (Mua Bong May)

  71. A Welcome Home
  72. Saves The Days
  73. Gone Fishing!
  74. Goes on a Field Trip
  75. It's Raining, It's Pouring...
  76. My Friend The Post Man
  77. Camera Safari
  78. The Splash Party Please (Season 3 Episode)
  79. Barney Safety
  80. Mr Tenagain's Let's go to the K.B. Toys
  81. Mystery and The Balls
  82. My Family Just Right For Me
  83. Playing It Safely
  84. Hop To It (1995 Episode)
  85. Eat Drink And Be Healthy
  86. Four Seasons Day (1995 Episode)
  87. The Treasure Of Rainbow-Beard (1995 Episode)
  88. Writes A Story
  89. Are We There Yet?
  90. A Teddy Bear Pinic
  91. Safety Rules (Episode)
  92. Ship, Ahoy!
  93. Computers At The Radio Station
  94. Goes To The Doctor
  95. Up We Go!
  96. Barney's Summer School
  97. A Day in the Park with Barney (battybarney2014's version)
  98. Barney's Talent Show
  99. Let's Show Respect
  100. Barney's Fun and Games
  101. Barney's Run, Jump, Skip and Sing
  102. Sing and Dance with Barney
  103. Storytime with Barney (2002)
  104. Read with Me, Dance with Me (final appearance)


  • Min never appeared with Stephen wearing glasses