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Lights Off (Season 3) it was the first appearence of Room For Everyone

  1. Room For Everyone (Shawn) (first appearance)
  2. The Music Video (Min)
  3. I Can Be A Firefighter! (Jason)
  4. Famous Friends (Mrs. Saunders)
  5. The Great Robot Race (Kathy)
  6. The Good Sports (Tosha)
  7. Let's Play Exercise! (Juan)
  8. Classical Cleanup (Mr. Boyd)
  9. Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends (Kenneth)
  10. Saves The Days (Kenneth)
  11. Goes on a Field Trip (Julie)
  12. It's Raining, It's Pouring... (Tosha)
  13. Mystery and The Balls (Carlos)
  14. Writes A Story (Min)
  15. Safety Rules (Episode) (Tosha)
  16. Ship, Ahoy! (Min)
  17. Hats Off To BJ! (Juan)
  18. Goes To The Doctor (Kenneth) (last appearance)