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Lights Off (Season 2) it was the first appearence of Having Fun With Arts & Crafts

  1. Having Fun With Arts & Crafts (Tosha) (first appearance)   
  2. May I Help You? (Barney)
  3. Red, Blue and CIrcles Too! (Michael)
  4. Day Of The Diesels (Derek)
  5. Peter Rabbit (Tina)
  6. Braves New Rescues (Michael)
  7. Grown-Ups For A Day! (Shawn)
  8. Picture This! (Tosha)
  9. Barney's Basics Celebration (Episode) (David)
  10. Lend A Helping Hand (Shawn)
  11. The Dentist Makes Me Smile (Shawn)
  12. The City Mouse And The Country Mouse (Michael)
  13. The Alphabet Zoo (Derek)
  14. Having Tens of Fun (Michael) (final television appearance)