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Jesse was a character that appeared from Season 3-5. He was portrayed by Dean deLuna.



  1. Fun & Games (first appearance)
  2. Subway To The Library
  3. Roller Skating
  4. The Boy Who Drew Cats
  5. The Comic Book: Attack Of The Eraser
  6. Becky's Choclate Treats
  7. Looking For Rabbits
  8. Playing Harp
  9. Colors Fish Has Red, Yellow, Black, White & Blue
  10. 123 Learn
  11. Sing Yourself Sillier At The Movies
  12. The Big Chase
  13. Making New Friends
  14. The Lion and The Mouse
  15. Sharing, Caring, Take Turns and Toys
  16. I Can Be A Pilot!
  17. We're Going on a Train Station
  18. Super Scrambler! (last appearance)


  • Jesse never appeared with Carlos, Juan, Julie, Kathy, Kenneth, Shawn,Tosha, or David played by Kenny Cooper, or any of the Backyard Gang kids (Derek, Michael, Luci, and Tina). However, Jason, Min, Kristen, Baby Bop, and BJ appear in Jesse's only appearance.