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Jeff was a character that appeared from Season 4-6. He was portrayed by Austin Ball. Jeff is Junior's brother.


  1. Let's Build Together (first appearance)
  2. Telling The Truth
  3. A Scavenger Hunt
  4. Subway To The Library
  5. The Boy Who Drew Cats
  6. The Comic Book: Attack Of The Eraser
  7. Becky's Chocolate Treats
  8. Let's Build Together
  9. Looking For Rabbits
  10. Playing Harp
  11. A Different Kind of Mystery
  12. Sharing Together With Friends
  13. Good, Clean Fun!
  14. Colors Fish Has Red, Yellow, Black, White & Blue
  15. 123 Learn
  16. Sing Yourself Sillier At The Movies
  17. Oh, Brother...She's My Sister
  18. The Big Chase
  19. Making New Friends
  20. E-I-E-I-O
  21. The Bad Lie
  22. Trading Places
  23. ABC Animals
  24. The Goose Lay Golden Eggs
  25. Barney's Band
  26. A Veternarian: A Doctor For Animals
  27. Howdy, Friends!
  28. Sharing, Caring, Take Turns and Toys
  29. We're Going on a Train Station
  30. Our Baby Bop School Today!
  31. Aunt Rachel Is Here!
  32. Doug and Becky Like To Show Your Marrinettes
  33. Easy Does It!
  34. A Very Special Mouse
  35. Sing and Dance with Barney
  36. Let's Play School
  37. Barney's A Great Day for Learning
  38. Barney's Night Before Christmas (cameo)
  39. Barney's Safety Fun
  40. July is Camp Northland
  41. We're All Friends
  42. Grandparents Are Grand
  43. A Hunting We Will Go (episode)
  44. Snack Time!
  45. A Sunny, Snowy Day
  46. Going for a Car Ride
  47. It's Time for Heading Off
  48. You've Got to Have Art
  49. The Ugly Duckling
  50. Tom Thumb
  51. Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythm
  52. Excellent Exercise!
  53. A "Little" Mother Goose
  54. Good Job!
  55. Nick is Little
  56. You Can Do It!
  57. Here Comes the Firetruck
  58. Rumpunzel
  59. Alice in Wonderland
  60. You Are Special
  61. Come on Over to Barney's House
  62. Let's Go To The Carnival!
  63. Be My Valentine, Love Barney
  64. Barney's Beach Party (last appearance)