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"Hola, Mexico" is the twenty-ninth episode of the first season of Barney & Friends.


Luci gets a letter from her grandfather explaining how his birthday party was in Mexico and how he wished she could've been there too. While Luci wishes that she could've gone, Barney and the kids do the next best thing by throwing a fiesta of their own. The fun begins with Mexican instruments and Barney's friend Rebecca Garcia, a Mexican folk dancer, comes and dances Los Machetes, along with teaching everyone the dance A La Derecha. From there, the kids make tortillas and chalupas, while Barney helps himself to the chips and salsa (which he quickly realizes the hard way that the salsa is hot and spicy). From a game called San Miguel's Ring and the Itsy Bitsy Spider sung in Spanish, to Looby Loo and a piñata, the fiesta fun keeps going. And to wrap it all up, Luci sings the first verse of I Love You in Spanish.


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. The Friendship Song
  3. Diez Amigos
  4. The Fiesta Song
  5. I Am a Fine Musician
  6. Los Machetes 
  7. A La Derecha
  8. Tortilla Song
  9. San Miguel's Ring
  10. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  11. Looby Loo
  12. Piñata Song
  13. I Love You


  • Although "I Love You" was also sung as "Te Amo" in Barney's Campfire Sing Along, the official way to sing it in Spanish, "Te Quiero", didn't come until Barney & Friends was dubbed in Spanish.
  • When this episode aired on PBS Kids Sprout, the original credits were used, as to being opposed to the shorter ones used in most reruns.
  • This is a Cinco de Mayo themed episode.


  • During the closed captions of this, "Ooh" was mispelled "School".
  • During "San Miguel's Ring", Derek accidentally lets go of Min's hand at one point.
  • The portrait of Luci's grandfather is omitted when Barney turns the classroom back to normal.

International Edits[]

  • The Israeli version of this episode (from Hachaverim Shel Barney) was about an Arabian hafla (a feast), rather than a Mexican fiesta.