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First wan't sung I love you is an 1st wan't sung I love you right now.

First wan't sung I love you Transcript[]

  • First_wan't_sung_I_love_you

    First wan't sung I love you

    (Clip and audio from Rock with Barney)
  • Baby Bop: That was Fun! it Fell Sleepy! (Audio from Stop, Look & Be Safe!)
  • BJ: This is being a lot of fun, Barney. But it's time for me to leave.
  • Baby Bop: OK Barney! Me Ready! (Audio from Barney's Beach Party)
  • Kim: (laughs) Thanks Again Barney!
  • Barney: Ahu! (Tina's hug Barney!) (Audio from Any Way You Slice It)
  • Stella the Storyteller: Bye Barney! See You Real Soon!
  • Barney: Well (Audio from Read with Me!)
  • Kids: Wow! The Thank You Bye! Bye! (Audio from Dance with Me)
  • Min: See You Soon! Everyone!
  • Barney: Ok!
  • Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and Kids: Oh, Bye Min!
  • Barney: Bye Min!
  • BJ: Oh, That's was Great Sisy!
  • Kids: Bye!
  • BJ: Bye!
  • Barney: Take Care!
  • (Action to Barney's Snap!, back to Backyard Gang wears clothes)
  • Kids: Oh The Beautiful We the All!
  • Adam Mother's: Well I Guest the Going!
  • Adam: It's Just About Me Crasy!
  • Backyard Gang: (laughs) (Audio from Having Tens of Fun!)
  • Mr. Tenagain: Goodbye Everybody!
  • Adam Mother's: Well I Guest Is It's Time to Go Home! (Audio from Waiting For Mr. MacRooney)
  • Barney & Kids: Bye Stella!
  • Kids: Oh! The Cookies Are So Good!
  • Mr. MacRooney: Well! I Better Get On My Way! Lots Of Other People For Waiting for Their Mail Too!
  • (Kids saying Thank you!)
  • Mr. MacRooney: You're Welcome! Thanks For The Cookies!
  • Barney: Thank You! Bye-Bye!
  • Kids: Bye!
  • Barney: So Long Mr. MacRooney.
  • (When the Backyard Gang, Adam's Mother, Barney doll, BackPack, and Bag, leaving to Studios)
  • Mateo: Gous Me!
  • Mr. MacRooney: Why hello! How Are You Today!
  • Mateo: Hi! I'm Looking for COusin Robert! Have You Seen Him!
  • Mr. MacRooney: Oh You Must Be Mateo! Robert's Right Over Here!
  • Mateo: Thanks!
  • (When the Boing Donkey at Island!) (Audio from Come on Over to Barney's House)
  • Barney: Oh and remember I love you!
  • (When the Adam Mother's bag leaving to the studio, and Donkey Zoom at Island! (Audio from Three Wishes) then he wink)