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Feelings of Mad and Angry is the episode from Season 2 of "Barney & Friends". It first aired on PBS in the United States, and Canada on Sunday, October 17, 1993.

Plot for this episode[]

Boy, it seems as if no one is happy today. Adam and Amy get into an argument, and vow to never speak to each other again. Barney teaches his friends how to deal with anger for angry feelings. Then Michael accidently messes up Derek's Science Project, which makes him angry. Meanwhile, BJ looks for a book in the library for Baby Bop. Later, BJ accidentally makes a big mess in the library, and It makes BJ really mad and angry a lot, and made a mistake about it, so Barney, Baby Bop, and the kids help him clean it up. Barney tells that It's okay to feel mad and angry, and Sometimes, everyone feels happy again.

Child: Caring and Emotional Development

Educational Theme: Angry Feelings

Stories: It Made Me Mad and Angry!

Cast for this episode[]

  • Barney (Costume: Carey Stinson/Voice: Bob West)
  • Baby Bop (Costume: Jeff Ayers / Voice: Julie Johnson)
  • BJ (Costume: Jenny Dempsey / Voice: Patty Wirtz)
  • Adam (Alexander Jhin)
  • Amy (Becky Swonke)
  • Julie (Susannah Wetzel)
  • Tosha (Hope Cervantes)
  • Min (Pia Manalo)
  • Kathy (Lauren King)
  • Michael (Brain Eppes)
  • Derek (Rickey Carter)
  • David (Kenny Copper)
  • Shawn (John David Bennett, II)

Song List[]

  1. Barney Theme Song (Barney & Friends version) (Barney Song)
  2. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh! I'm Really, Really Mad! (Barney Song)
  3. When I'm Mad (Barney Song)
  4. Everybody's Got Feelings (Barney Song)
  5. I Put a Smile On (Barney Song)
  6. What Should I Do? (Barney Song)
  7. Uh-Oh, Yikes, Whoopsie, Making Mistakes (Barney Song)
  8. If You're Happy and You Know It (Children's Song)
  9. I Love You (Barney Song)


  • At the end of this episode, the Barney doll sits next to the tree stump with a picture of an angry face.
  • The real "Barney & Friends Season 2" arrangement of "I Love You (Barney & Friends version) (Barney Song)" was used, with Barney joining them on the first verse, and Barney and the kids join them on the second verse.
  • When kids say "Barney" after he came to life the sound clip is taken from "Classical Cleanup!".
  • This episode was later remade with the 2004 Barney & Friends Season 8 episode, "That Makes Me Mad!".