Booker T. Bookworm

Booker T. Bookworm
is a character that appeared in Season 5 of Barney & Friends, though he appeared earlier in the video It's Time for Counting. He is the imaginary librarian of the school library. As his name suggests, he is a literal bookworm, a worm that likes to read books. His name is a play on the name Booker T. Washington.[1]Booker T. Bookworm Added by Snork4colin Booker T. was played by Earl Fisher who not only performed the voice, but also was the puppeteer.


  1. Telling The Truth (first appearance)
  2. Subway To The Library
  3. The Comic Book: Attack Of The Eraser
  4. Making New Friends
  5. It's Time for Counting
  6. Books Are Fun!
  7. The Goose Lay Golden Eggs
  8. Try It You'll Like It!
  9. A Royal Welcome
  10. A Very Special Mouse
  11. Barney's A Great Day For Learning (final appearance)