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Barney Says Segment
Up, Down and Around!
Season 7, Episode 2

August 11, 2013

Air date September 3, 2002

Barney Says Segment (All Aboard!)


Barney Says Segment (Tea-riffic Manners)

  • (spins to the sparkles, and we see a two girls go down the slide)
  • Two Girls: Hey everybody! It's time for Barney says!
  • (spins to the sparkles, and see the picture of The letters weirling to the circle to the Barney Says and jigging with Barney jump over and picture flew away)
  • Barney: Hello again to all my friends. I'm glad you came to play. Our fun and learning never end. Here's what we did today!
  • (spins to the sparkles, starts the segment, and we see a picture of Kids is pretend is flotting and Tony holds a kite breeze)
  • Barney: Tony show us a kite he made with his dad. But when a strong wind.
  • (we see a picture of a Kite is stuck in a tree)
  • Barney: Came. It blew up. Up, up. Into a tree.
  • (we see a picture of Barney like a farmer in an orchard)
  • Barney: White waiting for the kite to come down. We learned what an orchard is.
  • (we see a picture of a Orchard is fruits)
  • Barney: And we picks some fruits that grow in trees.
  • (we see a picture of a Barney, Baby Bop is pretend is a london brides and kids is walking)
  • Barney: We played londen bridge is falling down.
  • (we see a picture of a Kids is sit in chairs is pretend fly and Baby Bop is standing is pretend fly)
  • Barney: And we all pretend to fly way up in the air.
  • (we see a picture of a Sarah has two hands)
  • Barney: Sarah thought have a rain could washed the itsy bitty spider out.
  • (we see a picture of a picture of a Mario, Whitney, Sarah and Tony is up on the caboose)
  • Barney: Than maybe you can watch Tony's kite down too.
  • (we see a picture of a Barney, Baby Bop and Kids holds the umbrella)
  • Barney: So we open up the umbrella. And pretend it was raining. A very special rain.
  • (we see a picture of a Barney is hop Baby Bop and Kids is standing)
  • Barney: Than tony got an idea. And we all hoped. Until is.
  • (we see a picture of a Tony is a kite)
  • Barney: Kite came down. We've been with the all the ups and downs.
  • (we see a picture of a Barney, Baby Bop and Kids)
  • Barney: It's always fun to share a day with people you love.
  • (Barney pops)
  • Barney: And remember, I love you.