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Barney Says Segment (Twice is Nice!) is an Barney Says Segment right now.

Barney Says Segment (Twice is Nice!) Transcript[]

  • (we spin pitch sound harp then turn, Two Girls Twin brown shoes, and red pants, zoom up Girls Two Twins, Amercian shirt, eyes, and hair)
  • Two Girls: Hey everybody It's time for Barney Says!
  • Barney: (slpt Barney Says Logo front barney arrives together music from pitch Season 1, Season 2) Hello Again to all My Friends! I'm Glad you Came to Play. Our fun learning never ends here's what we did today! (split Barney, starts picture Julie, Shawn, and Tosha, find of lots of Scavenger Hunt)
  • Barney: We sure had fun going on a scavenger hunt today! (laughs)
  • (picture Barney is hula-hoop is stuck becuase a kids is little hug for Barney)
  • Barney: We can go on your very own Scavenger Hunt. And look for these that we're purple. Like Me!
  • (picture BJ is holding and Baby Bop is ride on a red wagon)
  • Barney: Or even red. Like the little red wagon that Baby Bop loves to ride!
  • (picture Tosha holds a basket of dolls, BJ and Ashley is telling)
  • Barney: Did you have trouble telling Ashley and Alissa are part two!
  • (picture Ashley and Alissa is up at the window)
  • Barney: Oh That's because there twins sisters!
  • (picture Shawn, Tosha and Julie is standing while Alissa and Ashley is little hug Barney)
  • Barney: Twins are two babies born at the same time! From one mommy!
  • (picture Ashley and Alissa is hug friends)
  • Barney: Sometimes twins look exactly a like. But each is special.
  • (picture of Hug friends)
  • Barney: In his or her own way! Just like you are!
  • Barney: (pops little dark) And remember, I Love You. (waves and fade to black)


Barney Says Segment (Twice Is Nice!)

Barney Says Segment
Twice Is Nice!

Season 3, Episode 13  


TheBarneyVault, Can you upload "Twice is Nice! (First 4 Minutes) for Drewit1! until "Drew for after Move Your Body". until "Complete Copy".

Air date June 8, 1995

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