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Barney Says Segment (The Good Sports)

Barney Says Segment (The Good Sports) Transcript[]

  • (we spin pitch sound harp then turn, Six children is playing the flute, french horn, piano, big bass drum, trumpet and a shakers plays in the music room and the stop french horn Child kid)
  • Child Kid: Hey Everybody It's Time for Barney Says! (Six children is playing the flute, french horn, piano, big bass drum, trumpet and a shakers plays)
  • Barney: (slpt Barney Says Logo front barney arrives together music from pitch Season 1, Season 2) Hello Again to all My Friends! I'm Glad you Came to Play. Our fun learning never ends here's what we did today! (split Barney, starts picture Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and Kids go to "Barney's Super-Dee-Duper Sports")
  • Barney: Today, We had fun learn to play games all kinds of sports in the school.
  • (picture Shawn is playing baseball)
  • Barney: When Shawn is playing baseball game. Can we hit the ball in the glove. Because i know!
  • (picture Tosha is playing football game take away Min)
  • Barney: It's fun to play football too!
  • (picture Juan is ride a bike)
  • Barney: I love to ride a bike.
  • (picture Juan is ride a bike all around the road)
  • Barney: When Juan is riding a bike in the road. Becuase
  • (picture Juan bump your check when bike felt down on your bike)
  • Barney: When Juan is bumping your check in the road. Be careful!
  • (picture Juan is put bandage on your check)
  • Barney: Juan put bandage on your check to make feel better!
  • (picture Min is playing basket ball)
  • Barney: When Min is playing baseket ball in the sports. I love to play them too!
  • (picture Tosha is kick the soccer ball to BJ)
  • Barney: And Tosha wants to kick the soccer to BJ. Becuase i love it!
  • (picture Shawn is play hopscotch in the sports)
  • Barney: I love to play hopscotch game in the outside. And after that!
  • (picture Tosha and Juan is hugging)
  • Barney: Tosha and Juan is having fun with lots of sports. And we've having fun!
  • Barney: (pops little dark) And remember, I Love You. (waves and fade to black)