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Barney Says Segment (The City Mouse And The Country Mouse)

Barney Says Segment (The City Mouse And The Country Mouse) Transcript[]

  • (Fide to the screen with green and blue stars for music Barney Says Logo and than open up before the Barney enters the playground facing us)
  • Barney: Hello Again to all my Friends! I'm Glad you Came to Play! our fun learning never ends! here's what we did today! (lots of sparkles circle starts picture Sarah and Luis is leaving)
  • Barney: Sarah and Luis is going to collage in the city!
  • (picture Three blind mice in the farm)
  • Barney: We found three blind mice at the farm. I love to see the farms.
  • (picture Min is dressing up like "Little Bo Peep" has a farm during "Little Bo Peep")
  • Barney: In the story of the farm. We can have Little Bo Peep her lost her sheep. He does not!
  • (picture Michael is sleep during "Little Boy Blue")
  • Barney: Little Boy Blue. Come blow your horn The sheep's in the meadow, The cow's in the corn. But where is the boy Who looks after the sheep? He's under a haystack, Fast asleep.
  • (picture Apartment)
  • Barney: Did you saw apartment lives in the city!
  • (picture Caterpillier)
  • Barney: Did you see Caterpillier in the tree. I see a leaf!
  • (picture Butterfly in the branch)
  • Barney: I saw a butterfly to see it!
  • (picture Barney is read a book about farms)
  • Barney: And you know what. I love you! (fade to black)