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Barney Says Segment (The Alphabet Zoo!)

Barney Says Segment (The Alphabet Zoo!) Transcript[]

Barney Says Intro

(Barney enters the playground facing us) Hello again to all my friends. I'm glad you came to play. Our fun and learning never ends. Here's what we did today.

(Picture of Barney welcoming kids to the zoo) Did you have as much fun as I did...

(Picture of Zoo sign)...visiting our alphabet zoo? (chuckles)

(Picture of Shawn with fish tank) You can use all the letters of the alphabet...

(Picture of Giraffe) make your own zoo with your friends.

(Picture of Tina with toy Alligator) A is for Alligator...

(Picture of Julie with Bear mask) ...B is for Bear...

(Picture of Sally the Camel)...and C is for Camel.

(Picture of Jason signing) Our friend Jason showed us how to make letters with our fingers,

(Picture of Barney thanking Jason) and he taught me how to sign my absolutely positively...

(Picture of happy Barney)...favorite thing to say! I love you!

Barney Says Segment
The Alphabet Zoo!

Season 2, Episode 46


Air date October 18, 1993


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