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Barney Says Segment
Spring Into Fun!
Season 7, Episode 13

August 29, 2013

Air date October 4, 2002

Barney Says Segment (This Way In! This Way Out!)


Barney Says Segment (Play it Safe!) 

  • (spins to the sparkles than Children is paints a plates)
  • Child Kid: Hey everybody it's time for Barney Says!
  • (spins to the sparkles, and see the picture of The letters weirling to the circle to the Barney Says and jigging with Barney jump over and picture flew away)
  • Barney: Hello again to all my friends. I'm glad you came to play. Our fun and learning never end. Here's what we did today!
  • (starts the segment, and we see a picture of Kids is umbrellas in the rain)
  • Barney: Springtime is such a wonderful season. Spring raindrop spring.
  • (we see a picture of Barney and Kids is a rainbow in the sky)
  • Barney: Pretty rainbows.
  • (we see a picture of Colorful flowers)
  • Barney: And flowers in lots of colors. And
  • (we see a picture of Beth, Mario and Gianna is pretend nest to sit)
  • Barney: Green grass, To tickle our toes.
  • (we see a picture of a Beth is sneeze)
  • Barney: We learn that sometimes get Beth, get allergies in the spring.
  • (we see a picture of a Beth is bubbles around)
  • Barney: We had fun. Playing with lots of bubbles.
  • (we see a picture of Barney and Kids watching a big bubble)
  • Barney: And we blow one, really big bubble.
  • (we see a picture of Barney and Kids to have a picnic in the table to share)
  • Barney: Spring is a great time of year, To have a picnic.
  • (we see a picture of Mario and Scott)
  • Barney: Even little marching ants like to come to a picnic.
  • (we see a picture of little ducks is swimming)
  • Barney: Spring is a good time to see baby animals growing up all around us. Like these little ducks.
  • (we see a picture of Mario, Gianna, Scott, Beth and Barney is holdhands)
  • Barney: Oh, i just love being outisde in the springtime!
  • (Barney pops)
  • Barney: And remember, I love you.