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Barney Says Segment
Numbers! Numbers!
Season 7, Episode 11

I have "Barney's Numbers! Numbers! and Barney's Red, Yellow and Blue! on VHS. Will be on "August 5, 2003".

Air date September 20, 2002

Barney Says Segment (A New Friend) 


Barney Says Segment (This Way In! This Way Out!) 

  • (spins to the sparkles, and we see a girls are doing ballet)
  • Child Kid: Hey everybody, It's time for Barney says!
  • (spins to the sparkles, and see the picture of The letters weirling to the circle to the Barney Says and jigging with Barney jump over and picture flew away)
  • Barney: Hello again to all my friends. I'm glad you came to play. Our fun and learning never end. Here's what we did today!
  • (spins to the sparkles, starts the segment, and we see a picture of Number box for colorful)
  • Barney: Today, Tony shpw us some colorful numbers that he father made.
  • (we see a picture of a Barney and Kids is wind blow the numbers in the park)
  • Barney: But when the wind blew all the numbers away. We had a go on a number hunt.
  • (we see a picture of Mario holds a number 2 while Tony)
  • Barney: We found numbers 1 and 2. And than Baby Bop found another.
  • (we see a picture of a Baby Bop's tail on the number 3)
  • Barney: 3. 3 is your favorite number. Because 3 years old.
  • (we see a picture of a numbers on the clock)
  • Barney: And numbers on the clock.
  • (we see a picture of a calendar)
  • Barney: And numbers on the calandar.
  • (we see a picture of a Whitney is under the limbo while Beth and Tony is stand)
  • Barney: We even play a games with numbers. Like number limbo.
  • (we see a picture of a picture of a Whitney is play hopscotch)
  • Barney: And hopscotch. We.
  • (we see a picture of a Barney, Baby Bop and Kids find the numbers)
  • Barney: Found all of Tony's numbers. And he was very happy.
  • (we see a picture of a Kids is meadem hug Barney)
  • Barney: I always love helping my friends.
  • (Barney pops)
  • Barney: And remember, I love you.