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Barney Says Segment (Hats Off To BJ!)

Barney Says Segment (Hats Off To BJ!) Transcript[]

  • (we spin pitch sound harp then turn, child kid is feeding the goat)
  • Child Kid: Hey Everybody It's Time for Barney Says!
  • Barney: (slpt Barney Says Logo front barney arrives together music from pitch Season 1, Season 2) Hello Again to all my Friends! I'm Glad you Came to Play! our fun learning never ends! here's what we did today! (cross fade Barney, starts picture Kids is playing with trucks in the road with blocks while Barney doll in the ground with london bridge with blocks) Beep beep! Isen't fun prtending to drive trucks around! Oh!
  • (picture Kenneth is holding a low truck while Tosha is sit on the floor)
  • Barney: You can low them with blocks for a pretend city. Than.
  • (picture BJ and Kids make fruit salad)
  • Barney: Build a resturant. And make fruit salad for your friends love to eat! Mm mm.
  • (picture BJ is a blue builder hat and a hammer the boys is all wears a builder hats in the treehouse in the truck)
  • Barney: BJ had fun wearing hats today! He preteted to be lots of different people.
  • (picture BJ is a little red hat)
  • Barney: But he love his little red hat the most!
  • Barney: (pops little dark) And remember, I Love You. (waves and fade to black)

Barney Says Segment
Hats Off To BJ!

Season 3, Episode 38


Can you upload "Barney I love you Part 43". Clip from Hats Off to BJ! and Audio from Barney's Sense-Sational Day!, A Picture of Friendship and Circle of Friends! on February 6th!

Air date October 5, 1995

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