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Barney Says Segment (Caring Means Sharing!)

Barney Says Segment (Caring Means Sharing!) Transcript[]

  • (Starring, with Barney Says Tittle Card, music from pitch of Season 2-3 music Barney Says, Rip magic, Barney costume from "Season 1" episodes, at School set)
  • Barney: (Laughs) Hello again to all my friends. I'm glad you came to play. Our fun and learning never ends. Here's what we did today!
  • (starts the segment, and we see a picture of Barney and Kids is parachute is up during "London Bridge is Falling Down")
  • Barney: Did you like sharing our fun today! (laughs) That's good! Because wheather your sharing your toy!
  • (picture Two Hens puppet is eating some flour and a bowl during "The Little Red Hen")
  • Barney: Sharing your work!
  • (picture Derek is wear hat while Derek is take turns with Min is Finigan is take turns during "Michael Finigan")
  • Barney: Or taking turns! It's the nice things you can do!
  • (picture Kathy and Shawn is hug when Barney is one hand up and a Hug Derek and Min during "I Love You")
  • Barney: (laughs) I just love to share hugs! And I love you (fade to black)