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Barney Says Segment
Bunches of Boxes
Season 7, Episode 5

August 10, 2013

Air date September 6, 2002

Barney Says Segment (Puppy Love) 


Barney Says Segment (Stop! Go!) 

  • (spins to the sparkles, and we see a boy and girl is smelling flowers in the garden)
  • Child Kid: Hey everybody! It's time for Barney says!
  • (spins to the sparkles, and see the picture of The letters weirling to the circle to the Barney Says and jigging with Barney jump over and picture flew away)
  • Barney: Hello again to all my friends. I'm glad you came to play. Our fun and learning never end. Here's what we did today!
  • (spins to the sparkles, starts the segment, and we see a picture of Kami has one hand and two tussie boxes while Whitney is stand is watch)
  • Barney: Today, Kami show us a basket. She made out of the tussie box.
  • (we see a picture of a Barney and Kids find buches of boxes in the park)
  • Barney: And when we found bunches of boxes. We used our imagination in turned them into all kinds of different things.
  • (we see a picture of Turtle out of the box)
  • Barney: Scott made of turtle of of the box.
  • (we see a picture of a Box of a clock)
  • Barney: Kami made a clock. With real numbers.
  • (we see a picture of a BJ, Mario and Scott in the box is a elephant)
  • Barney: BJ made a make-believe elephant. With the really long trunk.
  • (we see a picture of a Mario's play the box guitar)
  • Barney: And we had fun. playing music with our all box band.
  • (we see a picture of a Kami, Mario and Whitney is a dress like a princess in the castle)
  • Barney: Oh, i love using a imagination to make things.
  • (Barney pops)
  • Barney: And remember, I love you.