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Barney Says Segment (At Home with Animals) is an Barney Says right now.

Barney Says Segment (At Home with Animals) Transcript[]

  • (we spin pitch sound harp then turn, child kid at Sheep)
  • Child Kid: Hey, Everybody It's Time for Barney Says! (Sheep soun BacBac)
  • Barney: (slpt Barney Says Logo front barney arrives together music from pitch Season 1, Season 2) Hello Again to all my friends. I'm glad you came to play! Our fun and learning vever ends. Here's what we did today! (split Barney, starts picture Little bird and a big bird in the nest)
  • Barney: I'm glad animals have homes were they can be safe!
  • (picture Shawn holds magnifying glass to see in the window)
  • Barney: But animals are very different from ours!
  • (picture Kenneth and Kathy see a spider web a shape a circle)
  • Barney: Spiders spin web with such pretty shapes!
  • (picture Beaver in the water)
  • Barney: Beaver use sticks to make their homes in the water!
  • (picture prairie dogs in the holes in the ground)
  • Barney: Prairie dogs love to play by the holes they make in the ground.
  • (picture big monkey in the swing in the tree)
  • Barney: And who's that swinging near her home in the tree? That's right! It's a monkey!
  • (picture Turtle in the grass)
  • Barney: A turtle carries it's home on his back and it can hide in it shell!
  • (picture Shawn sees a bee fly, Kathy is look and Kenneth is look)
  • Barney: It sure was fun pretending to catch bees. Buzz!
  • (picture Shawn is oooch my two hands)
  • Barney: But remember stay away from real bees. They can sting you. OOOCH!
  • (picture Tosha is lost locket in the knapsack while Shawn is watching)
  • Barney: Tosha was afraid she was her locket!
  • (picture Squirrel is angry)
  • Barney: But the squirrel took it! He want it something shinny to put in his card board box house!
  • (picture Tosha)
  • Barney: Tosha was glad, Everyone helped her looked for his locket!
  • (Kathy, Kenneth is a baby chick in the box and Tosha)
  • Barney: When friends help! That's another way we know they love us!
  • Barney: (pops little dark) And remember, I Love You. (waves and fade to black)

Barney Says Segment
At Home with Animals

Season 3, Episode 26

Barney Says Segment (At Home with Animals)

June 16, 2014! from PBS Kids Sprout for At Home with Animals! on VideoStationBRNY!

Air date July 26, 1995

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