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Barney Says Segment (Anyway You Slice It!) is an Barney Says right now.

Barney Says Segment (Anyway You Slice It!) Transcript[]

  • (we spin pitch sound harp then turn, child kid is wear hat while three children is wearing hats)
  • Child Kid: Hey Everybody! Time for Barney Says!
  • Barney: (slpt Barney Says Logo front barney arrives together music from pitch Season 1, Season 2) Hello Again to all My Friends! I'm Glad you Came to Play. Our fun learning never ends! here's what we did today! (split Barney, starts picture four dolls)
  • Barney: Wasen't fun learning about our world today!
  • (picture The Umbrella Dance of The Cambodian Dancers)
  • Barney: The umbrella dance from Cambodia was really special!
  • (picture Girl of a crown of Cambodian)
  • Barney: I just love the dancer's pretty costumes and umbrellas!
  • (picture Carlos and Min is wearing costumes for Mexico while Kathy is watching)
  • Barney: We saw lots of other colorful costumes and clothes!
  • (picture Kathy is looking at the toy house)
  • Barney: Many kinds of homes!
  • (picture Kids is playing musical band)
  • Barney: And there are musical instruments from countries around the world.
  • (picture Stella telling the story while Kids is listening)
  • Barney: Stella's story about the Little Red Hen was tee-riffic.
  • (picture Stella is touching the bread while Barney is watching)
  • Barney: And she helped us come up with an idea for bread at the international festival!
  • (picture Kids is watch is rise)
  • Barney: Have you ever helped a grownup to make bread!
  • (picture Kids is mixing bread in the bowl)
  • Barney: We mix flour and water. To make the dough!
  • (picture Min's Hand is kneading the dough in the bowl)
  • Barney: I like to knead the dough! squeezy! squeezy! squeezy!
  • (picture Barney has a pumpernickel bread)
  • Barney: Do you remember my favorite bread!
  • (picture Barney pumpernickel, Juan white bread, Kathy bagel, Min pita bread and Carlos torta)
  • Barney: That's right! It's called "Pumpernickel". pumpernickel pumpernicksl What a silly name for bread!
  • (picture Heart Shape Bread in the basket with blanket)
  • Barney: I was so surprise when my friends made me a special loaf of bread! I just love bread!
  • Barney: (pops little dark) And remember, I Love You. (waves and fade to black)

Barney Says Segment
Anyway You Slice It!

Season 3, Episode 11


for Drewit1

Air date June 7, 1995

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