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Barney Says Segment
A Parade of Bikes!
Season 7, Episode 16
Air date October 25, 2002


Barney Says Segment (Three Lines, Three Corners) 


Barney Says Segment (It's a Happy Day!) 

Barney Says Segment (A Parade of Bikes!) Transcript[]

  • (We see a sparkle see two girls we saw playground inside for children)
  • Children: Hey Everybody! It's Time for Barney Says!
  • (we see a sparkle see when Barney Says a circle)
  • Barney: (jumps away and a picture flew away) Hello Again to all My Friends I'm Glad you Came to Play our fun and Fun Learning Never end here's what we did Today!
  • (we see sparkle see starts picture Kami and Sarah a bike)