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Barney Growing (1997 version) is an Barney's & Friends song right now.

Barney Growing (1997 version) Transcript[]

  • Barney_Growing_(1997_version)

    Barney Growing (1997 version)

    (Clip from Shawn & the Beanstalk and Audio from Tree-Mendous Trees)
  • Barney & Kids: Growing, we do it every day We're growing when we're sleeping and even when we play And as we grow a little older, We can do more things because I'm growing and so are you.
  • Kids: Each day we grow a little taller A little bigger, not smaller. And we grow a little friendlier too.
  • Barney & Kids: We try to be a little nicer as we grow each day, Because I'm growing and so are you. Because I'm growing and so are you
  • (The music ends)