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Barney Be Careful of the Hurt tail

Barney Be Careful of the Hurt tail Transcript[]

  • (Clip and audio from Playing it Safe!)
  • Barney: Playing Together! Today here at the walk through the door! (Audio from Barney's Beach Party)
  • BJ: Gran the Fly! Grand!
  • (Barney fall and slipped on a toy ambulance and crashed)
  • BJ: I Ye-Ye-ye!
  • Baby Bop: Mr. Boyd!
  • Barney: I'm Sorry BJ!
  • BJ: I Know what Ice Gream I d'int happen Oh Man the Metelld over the sand! (Audio from Round and Round We Go)
  • Robert: Oh No! I the fun on the Wheel like this at the really old! (Audio from It's a Happy Day!)
  • Beth: Barney! I made the happy sad day!
  • Barney: Oh Don't wourry Beth!