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Barney & Friends I Love You to barneyallday

Barney & Friends I Love You to barneyallday[]

  1. Barney & Friends I love you (Season 1's version) (Clip from Up We Go! and Audio from Four Seasons Day! and Good Job!)
  2. Barney I love you (1992 version) (Clip from Gone Fishing! and Audio from I Just Love Bugs! and First Day of School)
  3. Barney I love you (2003 version) (Clip from Puppy Love and Audio from Day and Night and All Mixed Up)
  4. Barney I love you (1999 version) (Clip from Barney's Super Singing Circus and Audio from It's Home to Me! and Barney's Talent Show)
  5. Barney I love you (1993 version) (Clip from Be My Valentine, Love Barney and Audio from That's a Home to Me (1993) and Camp WannaRunaRound (home video)) (Collebrated with Circle Of Friends Credits)
  6. Barney I Love you (1995 version) (Clip from Grandparents are Grand! (1993) and Audio from Who's Who on the Choo-Choo? and Once Upon a Time (home video))
  7. Barney I love you 2002 version with Baby Bop and BJ (Clip from A Package of Friendship and Audio from BJ's Really Cool House, Barney in Concert, An Adventure in Make-Believe, Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends and Lend A Helping Hand)
  8. Barney I love you (Season 7's version) (Clip from That Makes Me Mad! and Audio from Splish! Splash! and We've Got Rhythm)
  9. Barney & Friends I love you (Clip from Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends and Audio from Falling For Autumn!, Barney's Fun & Games and Day of the Diesels)
  10. Barney I love you (1995 version) (Clip from Barney's Magical Musical Adventure and Audio from The Good Sports and Good, Clean Fun!)
  11. Barney I love you (Grandparents Are Grand! (1993)'s version) (Clip from Home Sweet Homes and Audio from Grandparents are Grand (1993) and A Welcome Home)
  12. Barney & Friends I love you (Season 4's version) (Clip from The Princess and the Frog and Audio from Is Everybody Happy? and Dance with Me)
  13. Barney I love you (Good Job!'s version) (Clip from A New Friend and Audio from Good Job! and Barney's Good Day, Good Night)
  14. Barney I love you (Lights Off) (Clip from May I Help You? and audio from Easy, Breezy Day! and Four Season Day!)
  15. Mr. Boyd Playing Piano from I Love You (Clip from Classical Cleanup, audio in: Spring Shene-A-Anigans, Having Tens of Fun!, Our Furry Feathered Fishy Friends!, and Tree-Mendous Trees)
  16. Barney and his Friends I Love you (Clip from: It's Raining, It's Pouring..., audio in The Rolling Rice Cakes, and Down on Barney's Farm)
  17. Barney I love you (Look at Me, I'm 3!'s version) (Clip from If The Shoe Fits..., audio in Look at Me, I'm 3!, and Let's Eat!)
  18. Barney And His Friends I love You (Clip from Room for Everyone, audio in Let's Play Exercise!, and Red, Blue, and Circle Too!)
  19. Barney I love you (to a baby chick) (Clip from At Home with Animals! and audio from Hoo's in the Forest? and Our Earth, Our Home!)
  20. Barney I love you (Season 3 version) (Clip from The Exercise Circus! and audio from Shawn & the Beanstalk and Doctor Barney is Here!)
  21. Barney I love you (Season 6 version) (Clip from I Can Do That! and audio from Stick with Imagination! and Five Kinds of Fun!)
  22. Barney I love you (Season 5 version) (Clip from On Again, Off Again and audio from Books are Fun! (episode) and Oh, What a Day!)
  23. Barney I love you (At Home with Animals' version) (Clip from The Dentist Makes Me Smile and audio from At Home with Animals! and A Sunny, Snowy Day!)
  24. Barney I love you (Season 4 version) (Clip from Barney's Beach Party and audio from Waiting for Mr. MacRooney and A Very Special Delivery!)
  25. Barney I love you (It's Tradition's version) (Clip from Easy as ABC's and audio from It's Tradition and A Different Kind of Mystery)
  26. Barney I love you (Season 9 version) (Clip from A Different Kind of Mystery! and audio from Imagine That and A Splash Party Please!)
  27. Barney I love you (1997 version) (Clip from Barney's Fun & Games and audio from Tick Tock Clock! and Hoo's in the Forest?)
  28. Barney I love you (Season 3 version 1) (Clip from Oh, What a Day! and audio from A Welcome Home!, Barney Safety, and Grandparents are Grand (1993))
  29. Barney I love you (Season 8 version) (Clip from First Things First! and audio from A Picture of Friendship! and Easy, Breezy Day!)
  30. Barney I love you (Lend a Helping Hand's version) (Clip from Alphabet Soup! (episode) and Lend a Helping Hand and Play it Safe!)
  31. Barney I love you (The Cooking Book's version) (Clip from How Does Your Garden Grow? and audio from The Cooking Book and Hop to It!)
  32. Barney I love you (The Music Video's version) (Clip from Practice Makes Music and audio from The Music Video, Come Blow Your Horn!, Classical Cleanup, and Playing Harp)
  33. Barney I love you (Animal Anitcs' version) (Clip from Numbers! Numbers! and audio from Animal Antics, Having Tens of Fun!, and Tick Tock Clocks!)
  34. Barney I love you (The Great Robot Race's version) (Clip from Hidden Treasures and audio from The Great Robot Race! and Let's Go for a Ride!)
  35. Barney I love you (It's a Happy Day!'s version) (Clip from Barney's Sense-Sational Day and audio from It's a Happy Day!, Splish! Splash! and BJ's Really Cool House!)
  36. Barney I love you (Any Way You Slice It's version) (Clip from First Day of School and audio in Any Way You Slice It and A Fountain of Fun!)
  37. Barney I love you (Numbers! Numbers!'s version) (Clip from We've Got Rhythm and audio in Numbers! Numbers! and A-Counting We Will Go!)
  38. Barney I love you (Goes on a Field Trip's version) (Clip from Falling for Autumn! and audio in Goes on a Field Trip and Pennies, Nickles, Dimes!)
  39. Barney I love you (Play Ball's version) (Clip from Any Way You Slice It and audio from Play Ball and Seven Days A Week)
  40. Barney I love You (Howdy Friends' version) (Clip from Let's Play School and audio in Howdy, Friends and Splish! Splash!)
  41. Barney I love you (The Princess and the Frog's version) (Clip from Ship, Ahoy! and audio in The Princess and the Frog, Numbers! Numbers!, Imagine That!, and Sailing Around the Island)
  42. Barney I love you (Pennies, Nickles, Dimes' version) (Clip from Once Upon a Time (video) and audio in Pennies, Nickles, Dimes and The Nature Things!)
  43. Barney I love you (Peter Rabbit's version) (Clip from You've Got to Have Art! and audio in Peter Rabit and Carnival of Numbers!)
  44. Barney I love you (A Very Special Delivery's version) (Clip from A Camping We Will Go!, and audio from A Very Special Delivery!, Barney Goes to School, and Are We There Yet?)
  45. Barney I love you (Safety Rules' version) (Clip from A Picture of Friendship! and audio in Safety Rules (Also known as Barney Safety), and Colors All Around)
  46. Barney I love you (A "Little" Mother Goose's version) (Clip from It's Hot! It's Cold!, and audio in A "Little" Mother Goose AKA Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythm and First Things First!)
  47. Barney I love you (Once a Pond a Time's version) (Clip from Itty Bitty Bugs!, and audio In Once a Pond a Time, Tea-riffic Manners, and Bunches of Boxes)
  48. "I Love You" in Sign Language (Clip from The Alphabet Zoo! and audio in Be a Friend, Caring Means Sharing, and 1-2-3 Learn)
  49. Barney I love you (Here Kitty, Kitty's version) (Clip from Play Ball!, audio in Here Kitty, Kitty!, Honk! Honk! A Goose on the Loose! and It's a Happy Day)
  50. Barney I love you (Play for Exercise!'s version) (Clip from Here, Kitty, Kitty (episode), audio in Play for Exercise!, and At Home with Animals)
  51. Barney I love you (What a World We Share's version) (Clip from Count Me In!, audio in What a World We Share, and Any Way You Slice It)
  52. Barney I love you (The Dentist Makes Me Smile's version) (Clip from Going on a Bear Hunt, audio in The Dentist Makes Me Smile, and It's Tradition)
  53. Barney I love you (Count Me In's version) (Clip from Tick Tock Clocks, audio In Count Me In!, Squares, Squares, Everywhere, A Camping We Will Go! (episode), and Numbers! Numbers!)
  54. Barney I love you (The Alphabet Zoo!'s version) (Clip from Be a Friend, audio in The Alphabet Zoo!, Bunches of Boxes, and Caring Means Sharing)
  55. Barney I love you (Season 4 of You Can Be Anything) (Clip from Good, Clean Fun!, audio in You Can Be Anything, and I Just Love Bugs)
  56. Barney I love you (Red, Blue and Circles Too's version) (Clip from Let's Help Mother Goose!, audio In Red, Blue and Circles Too!, and Barney's Adventure Bus)
  57. Barney I love you (Season 6 with 2 versions) (Clip from A Perfectly Purple Day!, audio In 2 versions of Season 6 videos, and Trading Places)
  58. Barney I love you (E-I-E-I-O's version) (Clip from Three Lines, Three Corners, audio in E-I-E-I-O, and Play Piano with Me!)
  59. Barney I love you (Barney's Band's version) (Clip from Waiting for Mr. MacRooney, audio In Barney's Band and The Princess and the Frog)
  60. Barney I love you (Lights Off's Season 1's version) (Clip from I Just Love Bugs!, audio in Let's Help Mother Goose!, The One and Only You, and Howdy, Friends!)
  61. Barney I love you (Season 3 version 2) (Clip from 4 Seasons Day! (episode), audio in A Very Special Friend, and Barney's 1-2-3-4 Seasons)
  62. Barney I love you (Classical Cleanup's version) (Clip from My Family's Just Right For Me, audio In Classical Cleanup and Everyone is Special (episode))
  63. Barney I love you (Season 2 version) (Clip from Caring Means Sharing, audio In The Golden Hammer and Eat, Drink and Be Healthy!)
  64. Barney I love you (My Family's Just Right For Me! (Episode)'s version) (Clip from Hop to It!, audio In My Family's Just Right for Me! (episode), and Imagination Island)
  65. Barney I love you (Season 3 version 3) (Clip from Everyone is Special (episode), audio in On the Move, and You are Special!)
  66. Barney I love you (Storytime with Barney version) (Clip from Lyle the Kindly Viklng, audio in Storytime with Barney (2002), and Let's Be Friends)