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BMV Happy Dancin'

BMV Happy Dancin' Transcript[]


  • Clips used in this music video were including "I Can Do That!", "If the Shoe Fits...", "Good Job", "Dance with Me", "Dancing", "We've Got Rhythm", "Any Way You Slice It", "Hola, Mexico!", "Arts", "Let's Go on Vacation", "Celebrating Around the World", "A World Of Music", "Bonjour, Barney!: France", "Kenya", "The Good Egg: Kenya", "China",  "Big Brother, Rusty: China", "Barney In Outer Space", "Barney's Big Surprise", "Barney's Musical Castle", "Practice Makes Music", the new content of "Dino-Mite Birthday", "Barney's Talent Show", "On Again, Off Again", the new content of "The Best of Barney", "Barney's Colorful World!", "The Exercise Circus!", "Grandpa's Visit", and "Come on Over to Barney's House".