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Ashley comes to visit and she leaves

Ashley comes to visit and she leaves Transcript[]

  • (Clip from Twice Is Nice! and Audio from Sing and Dance with Barney)
  • Kids: Hi Barney!
  • Barney: Oh Hi There!
  • Barney: Oh Hi There Ashley! It Have to See You Again!
  • Tosha: This is Ashley! this is First School! Ashley! This is! Hi Ashley!
  • Ashley: Hi Everyone!
  • Tosha: This is for at the is ones!
  • Ashley: I Like That Too! but have I teacher! yeah! Me there! Barney!
  • Tosha: She's about it Later!
  • Ashley: OK (Audio from Barney's Beach Party)
  • Barney: Ok!
  • Kids: Bye Mr. Boyd! Goodbye!
  • Barney: Bye Mr. Boyd! OK See You Soon!
  • (Ashley marcer he leaving to school classroom)