Ashley was a character who appeared in Season 4 and Season 5. She is portrayed by Monet Chandler. Ashley has appeared in more episodes and home videos than her twin sister, Alissa. She and Alissa have a Mom and an Aunt Rachael who appeared in the episode Aunt Rachael Is Here. In the episode A Different Kind of Mystery she reveals that she is allergic to milk but loves to drank apple juice instead. It is unknown if Alissa is allergic to milk too.


  1. Makes The Team! (first appearance)
  2. Twice Is Nice!
  3. A Teddy Bear Picnic
  4. Barney's Talent Show
  5. Good Day, Good Night
  6. First Day of School
  7. A Scavenger Hunt
  8. Subway To The Library
  9. We've Got Rhythm
  10. The Boy Who Drew Cats
  11. Waiting for Mr. MacRooney
  12. Becky's Choclate Treats
  13. It's Tradition
  14. The Foolish Wishes
  15. A Different Kind of Mystery
  16. Sailing Around The Island
  17. Let's Eat
  18. Colors Fish Has Red, Yellow, Black, White & Blue
  19. Easy, Breezy Day!
  20. 123 Learn
  21. Oh, Brother She's My Sister
  22. The Big Chase
  23. It's Time for Counting
  24. Barney's Halloween Party (cameo)
  25. The Bad Lie
  26. Books Are Fun!
  27. The Lonely Little Number
  28. Circle Of Friends
  29. The Lion and The Mouse
  30. Barney's Band
  31. Sharing, Caring, Take Turns and Toys
  32. I Can Be A Pilot!
  33. I Like To Be An Artist
  34. Kristen Has A Surprise: Tell A Friend?
  35. A Royal Welcome
  36. Our Baby Bop School Today!
  37. I Would Like To Be A Baker
  38. Aunt Rachel Is Here!
  39. Stephen Gets Lots
  40. A Different Kinds of Homes In The World
  41. A Package of Friendship
  42. Walk Around the Block with Barney
  43. Let's Play School
  44. Barney's Night Before Christmas (cameo)
  45. There Twins Ashley has a Twin!
  46. Alice in Wonderland (final appearance)